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Luonnonkaunis Suomessa

scenic scenic2

Multiple recurring photographic visual elements, used in communicating the “image” of Finland, were identified after analyzing a cross-section of tourism materials. Using these iconic images as inspiration, I created descriptive text images of the Finnish landscape, which were then photographed onto color film.

As a means to evidence the symbiosis between the Finnish people and their environment, small “plots” of land were cordoned off and the exposed rolls of film “planted” into the ground. After two months, in which the film directly interacted with the surrounding soil, vegetation, and weather, the rolls were excavated and displayed in their undeveloped state.



From the start I knew I was adopted. While growing up my adopted Forest Service Family moved from one US National Forest Service Station to the next. I never quite fit in, nor did I live anywhere long enough to feel grounded. The forest became my constant, my home, and my place. Surrounded by trees, there are no people to analyze, critique, categorize or judge; I feel safe here. With recent advancements in genetic science, I traced my distant biological ancestors to Finland. Upon arriving in Finland I was overcome with a flood of emotion: love; connectedness; relief; sadness; loss, and grief. Although I will never truly understand it, I was finally present within my world context, the one place anchoring me to some kind of collective history. The Finns use the word ‘kaiho’ to describe this hopeless binary sense of melancholic and nostalgic longing.


color_scape #2

Walking the low undulating hills of the Finnish countryside I was struck, not by the flatness of the landscape, but by vertical repetition. Trees became bridges between the earth and sky: deep clear blue lakes reflected clouds quickly making their way across the sky in such a way that it became nearly impossible to discern where one stopped and the other began.


Ylevä, a series



Category: Experimental
Original Format: Mini HDV
Year 2014

Looking For Adam Gibson: 'Going to the Sauna of Lonely Hearts (Haukij
ärvi, Finland)'

adam gibson

This video is a video response to a video made by a winter 2012 Arteles Creative Center Resident Adam Gibson entitled Going to the Sauna of Lonely Hearts (Haukijärvi, Finland).  Like Adam Gibson in his video, I travel to the Sauna of Lonely Hearts.  Though my journey to the sauna takes a different path during a different season, I too am left both lonely and alone.

Category: Experimental/Narrative
Running Time: 6 mins 55 sec.
Original Format: Mini HDV
Year 201



This is one side of an abandoned conversation.? The name of the piece references an event/experience in the sauna where water is pulled from a bucket with a long handled spoon and thrown onto the hot rocks.? The resulting steam and heat is both oppressive and at the same time comforting, like an unexpected flood of raw emotion.

Category: Experimental/Narrative
Running Time: 9 mins 27 sec.
Original Format: Mini HDV
Year 2012

The Forest


It is said that the primordial forest is a nest from which all life is formed. I have returned to the forests of my ancestral homeland. Conjuring up demons from the past while nurturing my soul, the reunion is bittersweet.

Category: Experimental/Narrative
Running Time: 4 mins 34 sec.
Original Format: Mini HDV
Year 2012


Creating Energy |
NÄKYMÄ, Akaa, Finland


In a hybridization of photography and environmental sculpture, a large “negative” was applied to the natural environment. Underneath the ‘negative’ grass yellowed and died. Within the open image structure, NATURE continued to grow into spired foliage. After time, once the negative was removed, sunlight slowly removed all evidence of the human intervention.



p1 p2 p3

Piilosilla- description to come

The Letting


Mayan and Aztec aristocracy carried out publc sacrificial ritualized bloodletting as a means to return the life force (blood) to the gods as a means to bond with them. Traveling to my ancestral Finnish homeland, I yearned to connect, to become part of the landscape I did not know. Perched upon a sacred rock, I let my blood be drawn by hundreds of mosquitos, thereby nourishing a native species. My blood sacrifice embedded me into the environment by perpetuating the forest ecosystem.


with Tom Hogan | Löyly (redit) mp3

with Tom Hogan | Löyly II (redit) mp3

with Tom Hogan | Xuxi mp3