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upon green hills and ice girdled water beneath the Polar Star
ISLAND   install   red   ghost  
Descriptions of the northern fairyland existing above the Arctic Circle were pulled from Issac Isreal Hayes’s expedition journal Open Polar Sea. One of the first arctic explorers, Hayes photographed the perils of polar travel through what he described in her journal as, ‘a crystal temple of ice.’ These description fragments represent the thrill and wonder of adventure as well as his personal exploration into the spirituality of light; where objects are simultaneously a physical thing and a psychological image. Silver gelatin photographic paper was exposed with these landscape descriptions and then nostalgically stacked and bound with silk ribbon. Over time, these photographic images will fade and eventually disappear. While beautiful and bewitching to behold, we watch these images slowly vanish knowing that despite any given efforts, they are impossible to save..

In his journals, early explorer Issac Isreal Hayes wrote extensively about simultaneous exaltation and terror, a duality he found to be inherent in polar expedition. THE POLAR OBJECTIVE project is based on a combination of multiple concepts: ephemeral existence; destabilization of the arctic ecosystem; scientific principles of leans design; psychology of grief and mourning; metaphysical paintings by Frederic Edwin Church and Casper David Freidrich; concepts of beauty from Immanual Kant and William Burke; Pictorialist application of light; formless objects of temporary duration explored by contemporary artists Walter D. Maria, Paul Kos and Paul D. Miller.

After plucking glacier ice from the sea, it will be melted, filtered, and refrozen into a photographic lens. I will use this lens to photograph the vast polar landscape. Following in the footsteps of early arctic explorers, images will be shot large format and printed in either albumen or palladium.